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Update 25th of April 2020.

In line with the advice of the dutch government, we are closed for further determination. At least until Mei 20th.

Although the government extended the ‘intelligent lock-down’-period until the 20th of May, I expect the limitations for nail salons will be extended even more. Nail stylist is a contact occupation and it is simply not possible to handle the 1.5 meters distance. I can place an plastic screen as an measurement, but physical contact will always be there when providing a manicure treatment. The Dutch government is starting to lift very small steps, my expectation is that the limitations for this occupation will be last to be lifted.

Visitors stay general long period, average 2 hours. In the case someone will be contagious can easy leave the virus behind for the next visitor. I feel the responsible for providing a 100% clean and safe environment for my clients.

I will only open my nail salon when I believe it is absolutely safe for everyone. Health comes first at all times.

Our thought goes out to all affected corona patients and in particular the deceased and relatives.

We wish everybody strength and health in this challenging period!