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COVID-19 measurements

Update February 2021.

I can open my doors again on 3rd of march 2021! You can book your appointment here.

Measurements (clients)

I feel responsible for a clean and safe nail salon for my visitors as possible. I ask my visitors to take note on the following COVID-19 measurements in line with the Dutch RIVM:

Measurements that will count for when we will open again:

  • On appointment only.
  • Stay at home with colds, fever and or shortness of breath.
  • Come alone!
  • Be on time, avoid having to wait outside or someone else.
  • Disinfection of the hands upon entry; we provide disinfectant.
  • Obligated to wear an facial mask.
  • Wearing shoe covers that we make available for free.
  • Keep 1.5 meters apart.
  • Follow our instructions

Measurements (us)

What else do we do against COVID-19?

  • For protection we have a Plexiglas screen on the manicure table.
  • After visiting each client, we clean the contact locations:
    • Door handles
    • Chair client
    • Sanitary in the toilet
    • Manicure table
    • LED / UV Lamp
    • Screen
  • After using manicure tools, we disinfect them with a professional disinfectant.
  • We are socially obliged to register your telephone number.

Thank you for your understanding and see you soon!