Our advice for home nail care will keep your nails representative.The do’s and don’ts to keep your nails and cuticle in perfect shape.

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Keep your nails healthy

Cuticle & nail care

With our cuticle oil you can keep your nails healthy, the oil provides the following advantages:

  • keeps your nails flexible;
  • prevents breaking, splitting and cracking;
  • smoother cuticles;
  • good looking cuticles;
  • not only for natural nails also for the artificial nails;
  • the cuticle oil will penetrate trough the artificial nails material and will also take care of the real nail underneath.

+ Apply cuticle oil two times per day for the optimal result. 

– Never cut your cuticle.

When cutting your cuticles you damage the natural protection of your cuticles and you risk the chance of bacterial infection. This risk increases when applying nail products after cutting your cuticles.
Cutting your cuticles can also lead to nail problems, such as ridges, white spots, or white lines.

Shorten or shaping artificial nails

When cutting the artificial nails the nails will damage and crack. 

+ Always use a file to make your artificial nails shorter or change the shape of your artificial nails.

– Never cut your artificial nails.

Removal of artificial nails

If you want to have your artificial nails removed.

+ always let your artificial nails remove by a professional manicurist.

– Never remove the artificial nails yourself, when done improperly you can easily damage your natural nails.

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