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Gel polish manicure

Gel polish is a gel based nail polish. Its stronger in comparison with regular nail polish. The gel keeps the color longer in good shape. Beautiful nails for up to 3 weeks.

Like with the regular nailpolish, the gel based polish will be applied with a thin layer of color on your natural nail.

Gel polish manicure 1 Nail Salon Michelle
Gel polish manicure 2 Nail Salon Michelle

The treatment consists of:

  • nail care of the natural nail
  • shaping your natural nail
  • cuticle care
  • Gel polish finish

This treatment is listed on our booking page as: “Gel Polish Manicure”.

Do you want also to extend your nails? Then your are looking for a set of “Gel Nails“.

Treatment options for Gel Polish Manicure

The Gel polish treatment can be combined with the following options.

SPA treatment

When choosing a SPA treatment as an option, you will receive in addition to the regular treatment:

  • Scrubtreatment; removes the dead skin cells.
  • Massage
  • Hand lotion for lovely soft hands

Paraffin treatment

With the paraffin treatment your hands will be submerged in a warm bath of special wax:

  • stimulates the bood flow
  • makes the skin to feel silky soft
  • makes the skin mor elastic and
  • removes all waste

Repeating gel polish

The gel based polish can stay good up till 3 weeks. After the outgrowth will start being noticeable and the shine will wear off. We recommend to repeat the gel polish treatment between every 2 or 3 weeks.

Gel polish manicure 3 Nail Salon Michelle

How long the polish will stay for your depends also on the individual:

  • usage of the hands
    For example prevent the exposure of your nails to chemical liquids, use string gloves when cleaning.
  • condition of the nails
    There are some cases the nails are too oily / creasy and the polish does not bind well enough.