I now also offer BIAB nails!
Do you want strong nails without extending them? And beautiful nails for up to 4 weeks?
Then BIAB is the perfect choice for you!

Currently, BIAB is not available through online booking.
To make an appointment, please call or message via WhatsApp.

What are BIAB nails?

BIAB stands for “Builder in a Bottle.” BIAB is thicker than gel polish but thinner than gel nails/acrylic nails. Acrylic nails can be damaging to your natural nails, while gel nails require filing to remove. Gel polish is thinner and more prone to damage. BIAB offers the perfect combination of gel nails and gel polish. BIAB nails provide reinforcement and a thicker feel, yet you can easily soak them off without filing your natural nails. Therefore, BIAB nails do not harm your natural nails.

BIAB is applied directly to your natural nails and is not suitable for extensions. For extensions, I recommend Gel Nails.

Advantages of BIAB

The advantages of BIAB nails are as follows:

  • Reinforces the nails
  • Repairs damaged nails
  • Smoothens out nail imperfections
  • Provides a strong adhesion
  • Creates slim nails
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks.

If you have any more questions or want to book an appointment, feel free to contact me.

BIAB versus Gel Polish: The Ultimate Nail Showdown

When it comes to nail enhancements, the battle between BIAB and Gel Polish is fierce. BIAB, short for ‘Builder in a Bottle,’ offers thicker reinforcement than Gel Polish but remains gentler on your natural nails. While Gel Polish provides a glossy and long-lasting finish, BIAB steps up the game with up to 4 weeks of strength and durability. Whether you seek slender nails or crave repair for damaged ones, BIAB nails have you covered. Say goodbye to chipping and hello to a perfect fusion of strength and style with BIAB. Book your BIAB nails now for the ultimate nail transformation!

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