Hygiene and sterility is very important and is a no go be neglected. Especially when it comes to beauty! Therefore we make sure that all the tools we use are sterilized and cleaned. We do this before every treatment. By working on a hygienically manner we do all possible to offer the most clean and healthy environment as possible. Nail Salon Michelle has multiple measurements in place. Here we explain a couple of the taken measures in Nail Salon Michelle:

  • Sterile tools
  • Dust collector
  • Gloves
  • Nail files

Sterile tools for hygiene


Sterilization of the tools with Barbicide. Tools are being disinfected by the use of Barbicide, This disinfectant solution is commonly used in professional environments. Professionals use this product to ensure a most hygienic treatment as possible.

Dust collector

My work table is equipped with a dust collector. With this device the most of the dust is collected in a bag under the table. By using the dust collector, the dust and chemicals in the air are reduced. Less dust and chemicals in the air results in a cleaner environment.


Beside the usage of gloves protects the hands of the nail professional they have a big advantage for hygiene. As a result the spreading of bacteria is prevented as much as possible.

Nail files

Nail files are essential in a nail salon. The most important tool of the Nail professionals are nail files. Therefore the nail files are only used for one costumer. A used nail file is not used for other clients to prevent spreading of bacteria.

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