Quality is, next to hygiene, my biggest focus when treating my clients.

My vision 4 quality

My vision is to provide a comfortable environment where you come to relax and feel pampered. Doing so your nails are being transformed to attractive and beautiful pearls of nails.
Time and dedication is essential for a perfect result.

It is important to take the time when creating the nails, especially when it comes to gel nails. It is very important to not skip essential construction steps with the result that nails are not perfect or break easy.

Material is another element for a perfect result. There are many products on the market, those of good and those of poor quality. I’m always searching for the best products for a perfect result.

When visiting my salon I deliver quality! I’ll take my time to construct your nails in perfection with professional products of high quality.

Take a look at my price list for the treatments that we have to offer. It is also possible to realize special requests. Get in contact for more information.

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