Gel nails offer strong, beautiful, and long-lasting nails. The process involves applying a special gel to the natural nails and extending them using tips or templates. The gel is then cured under an LED or UV lamp, and the nails are filed into the desired shape.

If you prefer a more simple manicure, check out our Gel Polish Manicure page.

Gel Nails

Strong beautiful long nails

For those seeking extended nails, this treatment includes:

  • Cuticle care
  • Nail extension using tips
  • Over 100 color options

Gel nails without extension (Classic)

This variant is perfect for those who want natural-looking, strengthened nails without additional length beyond the natural nail.

Gel nails with extension

This option involves extending the nails with tips. The gel is applied to the natural nail and the tips, creating beautiful and durable nails with a light, natural curve on the outer surface.

Gel nails – Babyboom

Achieve a natural look with the Babyboom style, where two gel colors are used to create a seamless transition from pink to white. This treatment includes cuticle care, gel nails with tips, and the Babyboom finish.

BabyBoom Gel Nails

Special shapes

Gel nails can be shaped into various styles. For unique shapes, please mention it when booking “Gel nails – New set (with extension)”.

Gel nails 1 Nail Salon Michelle


A pointed shape inspired by stiletto heels.

Gel nails 2 Nail Salon Michelle


A shape with a blunt tip named after a ballerina’s dancing shoes.

Refill of gel nails (Repeat)

To maintain your nails’ best condition, I recommend a refill after 3 weeks. Refills after 3 weeks may result in excessive outgrowth, potentially damaging both the artificial and natural nails. In such cases, the price of a new set may be applicable.

Good to know

Gel nails are not applied to individuals under 18 years old. However, gel polish is available for those aged 16 and above, with parental or guardian consent.

Gel vs Acrylic

I do not provide acrylic nails due to their harmful properties:

  • Gel is softer and less damaging to natural nails.
  • Acrylic is chemical and can be harmful to the respiratory tract during application.

For these reasons, I exclusively offer gel nails for a safer and healthier nail enhancement.

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