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Gel nails

When making nails of gel, a special gel is applied to the natural nails. With the help of special tips or templates, the natural nail is extended. This gel is cured by drying the nails under an LED or UV lamp. After curing, the nail will be filed into the final shape.

Are you looking for a more simple manicure? Take a look at our Gel Polish Manicure page.

Gel nails 1 Nail Salon Michelle

Strong beautiful long nails

I use gel to extend the natural nail. This treatment consists of:

  • Cuticle care.
  • Set with tips or template.*
  • 100+ color options.

* For best results I prefer to work with templates. It is not always possible to use templates. The nails need sufficient length. If the length is insufficient, I use tips.

Gel nails without extension (Classic)

With the Classic variant the difference is in the extension. The nails are not extended with tips or templates. The gel is then only applied on the length of the natural nail.
Ideal for those who want tight and natural strengthened nails. I do not make the nails longer than the natural nail.

Service on our booking page:
“Gel nails – New set – Classic (without extension)”

Gel nails with extension

When extending the gel nails, the nails are extended with tips or templates.
The gel is then only applied to the natural nail and the tips, giving you beautiful strong nails. By default, the nails are finished on the outer surface with a light natural curve.
Do you want more round or very pointed; take a quick look at “Special shapes”

Service on our booking page:
“Gel nails – New set (with extension)”

Gel nails – Babyboom

Babyboom gives a natural look where two colors of gel are used. It looks a bit like a French manicure, but then there is no hard white edge, but a nice transition from pink to white.

This treatment consists of:

  • Cuticle care
  • Gel nails with tips
  • Includes color
  • Babyboom finish
Gel nails 2 Nail Salon Michelle

Babyboom can be created with all shapes.

Service on our booking page: “Gel nails – New set Babyboom (with extension)”

Special shapes

The gel nails can be shaped into different shapes.
The special shapes need more specialization and is a separate mention when booking.
“Gel nails – New set (with extension)”

Gel nails 3 Nail Salon Michelle


This shape is a direct reference to the stiletto heels, the nail is then shaped into a pointed shape.

Gel nails 4 Nail Salon Michelle


The name of this shape is named after the dancing shoes of a ballerina, the nail is then formed into a with a blunt tip.

Gel nails 5 Nail Salon Michelle

Refill of gel nails (Repeat)

I recommend to refill a gel nails set after 3 weeks. For longer than 3 weeks, the outgrowth is too extreme and increases the risk of damage to both the artificial nails and the natural nails. For sets older than 3 weeks, we will be required to calculate the price of a new set.

If you want to change the shape, you can do that too, when booking, choose:
“Gel nails – Refill + change shape of existing set”

Do you want to keep the current shape and have it filled? When booking, choose:
“Gel nails – Refill of existing set”

Good to know

I do not place gel with young people under the age of 18, but gel polish is possible from 16 years of age. However, parent or guardian consent is expected to be present.

Gel vs Acrylic

Why I don’t put acrylic nails.

Gel is similar to acrylic, the main differences are:

  • Gel is softer
  • Gel is less harmful to the natural nail
  • Acrylic is very chemical, harmful to the respiratory tract when placed

For the last 2 reasons I don’t provide acrylic nails!